RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 7/31/2020

Another week of top artists for RSU Radio! While there aren’t many new artists this week, there are quite a few new exciting developments. To start, lets introduce the few new names, with Haim, The Beths, and Beachtape all making the top 10 this week. Beachtape was actually last week’s up and coming artist for the list, so it’s exciting to see them launch to the number two spot.

As for the new number one artist, Sports Team, the artist who has been vying for the number one spot the most these past weeks has finally made it to the top, overtaking Bad Moves and pushing them to number four.

I hope to have you tune in next week for yet another hour of RSU Radio’s top artists to see how the list develops next week!

1            SPORTS TEAM | Deep Down Happy

2            BEACHTAPE  | Bigger Picture [EP]

3            FRANCIS OF DELIRIUM | All Change (EP)

4            BAD MOVES | Untenable

5            THE BETHS| Jump Rope Gazers

6            PHANTOM PLANET| Devestator

7            MUZZ | Muzz

8           OHMME | Fantasize Your Ghost

9           HAIM | Women in Music Pt. III

10        CAMILLE DELEAN | Cold House Burning

Honorable Mention:

BUILT TO SPILL| Plays the Songs of Daniel Johnson

Up & Coming:

REMO DRIVE  | A Portrait of an Ugly Man

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