Singles For The Weekend – 7/31

They saved the best for last – the last of July that is. Here are some new singles from some of your favorite alternative artists.

lovelytheband – “buzzcut”

Don’t let the lowercase-stylization fool you. This track is a banger. This summer-song-bait has windows-down, long-hair lyric references and a clap along bridge.

Starbenders – “Cover Me” (acoustic)

If you’re craving a kiss of Fleetwood Mac, check out this acoustic version of “Cover Me”. There’s nothing chill about this acoustic track; it’s packed with emotional intensity.

The Neighbourhood – “Cherry Flavoured”

There’s a murmur-softness on this Neighbourhood track that starts out Cigs After-adjacent. “Cherry Flavoured” then disperses into a hip hop beat and hazy strumming. The single is from Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones, slated for September 25th.

Glass Animals – “It’s All So Incredibly Loud”

This one may surprise you. What starts out as a haunting, electronic hum crescendos. From an interview with FLOOD Magazine, Dave Bayley explains the life-altering track from upcoming Dreamland:

“If you’ve ever said something that you know is going to break that person, then you say it, and it’s almost like an out-of-body experience, and it feels like it’s not you saying it…but then it comes out. It’s about the three seconds between you saying it, and then there’s that silence—but it’s also the loudest thing that’s ever happened in your life.”

Novo Amor – “Opaline”

Translating to New Love, Novo Amor has a new single and has us falling in love. The tender, Bon Iver-esque vocals partnered with twinkling instrumentals spell exciting news for Cannot Be, Whatsoever, coming in November.

Hinds – “Spanish Bombs”

Didn’t they just release an entire album? Yes! And now they’re covering The Clash.  Hinds cited The Clash as one of their parents’ favorite artists, as well as this one of their favorite songs.

Okey Dokey – “The Right Fit”

Nashville-based cool kids Okey Dokey are back with a new single for their upcoming record, Once Upon One Time. The album is slated for release in October via Park the Van.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – “Get On My Wave”

“Get On My Wave” faces overwhelm and adversity with sparkly acceptance and positivity. The track was written and produced with King Tuff.