Local Music Roundup: July 2020

There was so much fresh local music released in July, you might’ve missed a few! Let’s catch up on some of the albums, EPs, and singles our fellow Okies released.

Jabee – The World Is So Fragile and Cruel I’m Glad I Got You

OKC artist Jabee released his new record this month. Dealing in both personal and universal, this album faces growth and pain. The tracks on this album flow into each other but remain distinct in their color and tone. Jabee has partnered with several different producers to create videos for the record; the music videos range from simple and stylistic to stark and gripping. New merch designs accompany the album.

The Ivy – We Move Faster at Night

The Ivy have been teasing us with this EP since last year. Singles made their way out, and now the whole thing is ready for listening. Lightly moody and anthemic alt-rock swaps late-night secrets with indie pop.

Maddie Razook – Maddie’s World

This soft five-song EP may be just what you need to soothe your soul.  The tracks are demos and drafts (plus a Yo La Tengo cover) Razook crafted over the last few months. The tracks are ethereal, at times haunting, with honesty on the sleeve. Sales from Maddie’s World will go to Justice For Black Girls.

Stepmom – “Vampires”

Stepmom’s latest single feels equal parts playful and angsty – rock and roll with a sprinkle of xylophone. Disco dudes, be ware.

Lauryn Hardiman – “Elaborate”

There’s no need to “Elaborate” on this new single from Hardiman. It’s a mix of beats, R&B-influenced vocals, and a fun sound effect or two.

Hotel Nights – “Forget the 80’s”

You can forget the 80’s, but not this song. Hotel Nights is the newest project of OKC artist Chase Kerby. The bittersweet banger boasts a hooky alt-rock vibe with smatterings of sweet 80’s synth and a surprise saxophone.

Dinosaur Boyfriend – “Furever”

“Furever” is the slowed-down track that hits the spot right now. The tender, almost-conversational track lingers and sweeps it’s way over five minutes.  Dinosaur Boyfriend might just make their way onto your slow dance playlist.

Florence Rose – “Open Your Eyes”

Like lazing around on a hot day, this new Florence Rose track is super sunny and mellow. “Open Your Eyes” features a sample from Jack Antonoff’s most recent Bleacher’s record, making for a peppy, bright beat.

Special Thumbs – “Heaven Must Be Fuzzy”

Special Thumbs keep listeners on the edge of their seats with the release of singles over the last year. “Heaven Must Be Fuzzy” is warm, but may disarm some in its questions. “Are you alone? Are you afraid?” The atmospheric, building sound of the single match lyrical content step for step.

Goodfella – “Empathy”

Tulsa-based pop punk group Goodfella are back with “Empathy”. At the beginning, there’s a sense of sadness that quickly dissolves into wild drums and high energy guitar. The group produced an at-home video for the single.

Chelsea Days – “Back Pocket”

“Back Pocket” feels a little bit like being spoken to by an alien through a dream.  Lulling vocals and soft guitars mix with futuristic laser beam-y sounds.

Kodos – “oh well”

There are few things more chill than all lowercase letter stylizations, but this Kodos track may be one of them. This track will have you swaying around the room.

cruz – “go!”

cruz are back with their second single. “go!” is a bittersweet, heart-broken-but-empowered indie pop tune with twinkly LANY-ness.

Qinn – “Lemonade”

Here’s a pop anthem for keeping a positive attitude. Using the common expression of making lemons out of lemonade, the track is both parts sad and sweet.

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