RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 8/14/2020

Another week of the top 10! Honestly, the new number one artist was a little predictable–Illuminati Hotties came in hot at last week’s second spot, and now they’re the number one artist for the week. James Swanberg is similarly inching forward and may overtake them next week. We haven’t had a record holder for a little while, so maybe Illuminati Hotties will hold number one?

There are a few new names–Liza Anne, Moscow Apartment, Samantha Crain, and Jordana. Jonathan Bree, the previous Up & Coming artist, made it to the list, so maybe we can hope the same for Oracle Sisters.

I’ll see you next week to find out how else the list will develop.

1            ILLUMINATI HOTTIES  | FREE I.H.: This Is Not The One You’ve Been Waiting For

2            JAMES SWANBERG| The One And Only

3            BEACHTAPE  | Bigger Picture [EP]

4            JONATHAN BREE  | After The Curtains Close

5            JAMES SWANBERG| The One And Only

6            JORDANA | Something To Say [EP]

7            THE BETHS | Jump Rope Gazers

8            SAMANTHA CRAIN | A Small Death

9            MOSCOW APARTMENT | Better Daughter [EP]

10          LIZA ANNE | Bad Vacation

Honorable Mention:

CAMILLE DELEAN | Cold House Burning

Up & Coming:


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