Singles For The Weekend – 8/7

Alternative artists have pulled out all the stops to begin August. This will kick off the end of summer in just the right way.

Palehound – “Southern Belle”

Slap on your boots, it’s time to ride. This slinky, raging number is the fight track for your modern-day Western. This is Ellen Kemper of Palehound’s version of the Elliott Smith song of the same name. The cover comes weeks before the extended re-issue Smith’s self-titled album.

The Bright Light Social Hour – “Ouroboros ’20”

This latest track from The Bright Social Hour is charging forward, hopeful and strong, and just feels  meaningful.  It’s the newest single from Jude Vol. II, out August 28th. The title “Ouroboros” comes from the Greek “tail devourer”, a serpent enveloping its own tail. Though the past appears to disappear, it is being brought inward, tucked away in a deeper place.

Yoke Lore – “Fade Away”

Okay, you want to party (alone socially-distanced at your house, obviously). This is it. This is the track you need to have on the speakers. It’s got the shy-verse that explodes into the charged-scream-along chorus for your house-party-of-one.

Cults – “No Risk”

Follin’s voice tiptoes up and down, belying the loudly-empowering meaning of her words on this new Cults track. Of “No Risk” the band writes,

“Antithetical to the title, the song is all about the benefits of taking risks, and how difficult that can be as a woman when being constantly told in both transparent and subliminal ways that you’re “second best” or not worthy of the same voice. The song transforms the title from a place of complacency to a challenge to empower yourself.”

Cold War Kids – “Somewhere”

“Somewhere” starts out with the conflicting viewpoints of two individuals, but proves that this won’t stop the couple from growing together. This single will appear on New Age Norms 2, expected August 21st.

Bon Iver – AUATC

This so-distinctively Bon Iver single follows the artists album, i,i. Vocal credits feature Jenny Lewis, Jenn Wasner, and Bruce Springsteen.

The Happy Fits – “No Instructions”

Need some answers? The Happy Fits don’t have ’em, and that’s what makes this track so relatable. For a song so desperate for sleep, it’s incredibly bouncy, driving, and energizing.