Concert Couch: Weekly Live Stream Guide – 9/7

Another week, more live streams to see! More and more artists are working their way into the live stream market. With new shows every week, you can have a new concert every day to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Yoke Lore – Concert Live Stream – Tuesday, September 8, 7 PM Central – $10

Get a chance to see Yoke Lore, the project of Adrian Galvin, with tickets hosted through FANS. FANS gives viewers the option to also hook up their webcam and have the potential of being shown as a viewer on stream, though it’s entirely optional.

Yoke Lore will be performing a full set from the Gundlack Bundschu Winery in California.

Big Black Delta – Living Room Concert – Saturday, September 12th, 9 PM Central – $10

Big Black Delta has set up a living room in Laurel Canyon out of the need to perform but desire to stay safe and keep fans safe. There are multiple purchase options, some with merchandise included with the virtual ticket, but a standard ticket is $10. The live stream will be shared through the Music Glue website, so an account must be activated there in order to participate.

Dan Croll – Launch Party – Sunday, September 13, 2 PM Central – $2 minimum

Dan Croll is offering a $2 minimum PWYW live stream launch party to celebrate the release of the album Grand Plan, live from the studio it was made, Spacebomb Studios. All profits for the live stream will be donated to the food bank charity Feeding America. It is unknown how it will be streamed, but stream tickets are dispersed through GUTS.

Mirah  – Album Live Stream – Tuesday, September 8, 7 PM Central – $15

The third part in Mirah’s live stream series, this live stream focuses on her third album, C’mon Miracle. 20% of profits from ticket sales benefit the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust Fund. Tickets are hosted through FANS.