Local Roundup: August 2020

August is over, which means summer is over. No time to be sad, though, there’s too much good local music to listen to.  OK artists covered everything from pop to rock to hip hop to noise last month.


Cowboy 2.0 – CONTENT FARM vol 7: deep sleep

It’s been awhile since OKC label Cowboy 2.0 have released a compilation – nearly a year, in fact.  They return with the perfect sound at the perfect time. The eight tracks maintain an overall hazy, dreamy quality fitting for the title deep sleep.  Artists include kodos, love seats,  and swim fan.

Cult Love Sound Tapes – Cult Love & Friends Vol. 1 

This compilation is packed with diverse and unique sounds.  With an intention of making “music, art, and noise purely for the sake of music, art, and noise, friendship, community, and collaboration”, this one features rock, noise, and hip hop – but never in ways you’d expect.

Fire in Little Africa – Town Tapes Vol. 6 

On this edition of Fire in Little Africa’s Town Tapes, Tulsa radio and podcast host Ali Shaw compiles tracks from local hip hop artists.  Vol. 6 features a wide range of flows, styles, and sounds to give a taste of the Tulsa community.

Music Videos

Pabu – “Miss Macy”

“Miss Macy” released in May, and Pabu have released its video complete with cooly-lit-goes-black-and-white mood shift. Liliana Campon directed the video.

Planet What – “Meat Scissors”

Premiering on Pressure Drop, the video for “Meat Scissors” is the exciting reuniting of Planet What after their hiatus starting in June of 2019. This one-shot video follows the duo through Chicago’s DIY Pilsen Park, as they rock out, navigate around skaters, and swing.


Caleb – “That’s Who U Are”

Kicking this one off with strong wholesome energy found through ASLUT zine.  If you need something to uplift you and keep you moving through the day, check this one out.

Channel 13 – “Place I’m Missing”

This synthy 80’s-twinged single longs for somewhere else – somewhere that sounds more like a dream.  It’s the one to add for your neon-lit late-night escapes.  Buckle in, because Channel 13 anticipate an EP in September.

Deadweek – “Purple Light”

No, this isn’t the green light of Gatsby fame; it’s the purple light of Deadweek.  This new track is accompanied by an NPR Tiny Desk submission. This rock song is one about getting through.

Josh Fudge – “Second Date”

OKC alt-pop artist Josh Fudge released “Second Date”, a sweetly-retro, sway-worthy single.

Lately. – “Pleasure”

The newest from Tulsa’s Lately.  After releasing L. 01 earlier this year, the band has a new soulful indie track with a music video teased.

Marlik Depp – “Noceur”

“Noceur” is fluid and ambient, drifting and moving around in space.  Fostering a love of music since youth, Depp’s music  bridges classical and vibe with spatial beauty.

One Two Ten – “Blue Beach House”

This month’s release from pop-rockers One Two Ten is the lowkey ukulele number perfect for rolling the credits on a summer movie.  “Blue Beach House” feels so bittersweet, it may have you longing for someone you don’t even know.

S. Reidy – “Flowers”

“Flowers” lingers quietly, drawing listeners to the edge of their seats for Reidy’s words.  The track is accompanied by a Lone Moon-produced video.

The Imaginaries – “Walking on a Wire”

Americana sounds equally sweet and resilient on this new track from husband-and-wife duo The Imaginaries.  This song is fiercely hopeful in getting through the toughest times.

The Odyssey – “I Want You”

Bluesy-rock band The Odyssey dropped “I Want You” following their 2019 singles and EP Stormcoming. They released a lyric video with the song, produced by Rolling Productions.

Zunis – “GWTP”

Tulsa indie-rockers Zunis are back with “GWTP”, a.k.a. Get With The Picture.  It follows this year’s “Racing Jazz” and 2018’s Earth to Self EP.

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