Press Play: Samia

New York-based singer/songwriter Samia Finnerty, known as just Samia, writes confessional songs that delve into hyper specific detail with poetic ease. Each one of Samia’s carefully crafted songs places you in a specific moment, transporting you to a time and place that feels vital. Samia’s vocals act as a comfortable mode of transportation, driving you from one part of the story to the next.

Samia began to develop a following after the release of 2017 singles “Garden of Eden” and “Someone Tell The Boys.” Her anthemic indie rock and knack for poignant songwriting helped in maintaining a steady presence over the last three years. It became clear that the artist’s string of impressive singles were leading up to something big.

Samia’s debut full-length album The Baby¬†arrived last month and it is a stunning debut bursting with bold sound and potent vocals. The songs rely on gentle guitar, drums and keyboard. Although the sonics are more sparse than her past singles, The Baby is far from underdeveloped. As the instruments simmer and fade out, they layer on top one another to construct a full sound. Samia’s vocals flow with the emotional strength of her moving storytelling. The tender, minimalist style ultimately seats Samia’s saccharine vocals in the limelight.

As her discography unfolds, Samia has explored her need for companionship and care as well as other fears and emotions scattered across her adolescence. On this wild ride, she takes time for detours to relive specific experiences in detail. In doing this, she makes music that communicates to a generation that matures at a time of uncertainty.