Singles for the Weekend 9/18

With a weekend as lovely as this, let’s focus on some singles that’ll make you feel good.  Maybe you’re dreaming, maybe you’re chanting at an abandoned cemetery, maybe you’re taking a drive with a loved one. Regardless of your off-day itinerary, these tunes will have you in high spirits.

Saint Motel – “Slow Dance”

Oh my. Saint Motel’s playful piano style flirts with a little synth on this new track from EP The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Pt. 2. Are you needing an excuse to get cozy with your love this weekend? “Slow Dance” is it.

Death Valley Girls – “Under the Spell of Joy”

You’ll definitely be under the spell of something with this track. Whether that’s joy or Death Valley Girls themselves, who’s to say? This track channels party-at-a-haunted-graveyard heavily.

COIN – “You Are the Traffic”

Sometimes the old Sunday drive needs a shake-up. “You Are the Traffic” finds itself humming verses then bursting into a soft pop-rock chorus. This single follows their release from the beginning of this year, Dreamland.

LANY – “cowboy in LA”

Imagine a modern pop-country song re-imagined as hazy dream pop that’d fit in at a cool coffee shop.  This is the first track from upcoming Mama’s Boy, the album on which lead singer Paul Klein wanted to share his Oklahoma background.

Sir Sly – “Material Boy

If the modern chase for worldly possessions leaves you empty, Sir Sly can relate.  With references to the 80’s Madonna hit, “Material Boy” confronts the inner-distress of living with shame and guilt. Musically, the track leans into the modern-meets-80’s feeling with punchy drums and dancing synths.

Bartees Strange – “Kelly Rowland”

Coming in at just under two minutes, Strange’s new track is a dreamy whirlwind.  His new record Live Forever lands October 2nd.  The song is based on time Strange spent in Berlin.

Winnetka Bowling League – “Congratulations” 

“Congratulations” is the title track for Winnetka’s newest EP.  Congratulations houses previous singles, “Welcome to the Beach”, “CVS”, and “Kangaroo”. The track is catchy and upbeat, a common theme for the band.

Sunflower Bean – “Moment in the Sun”

Take a seat before turning this one on.  The tender pop will have you swooning before you know it. Retro-kissed and super-earnest, “Moment in the Sun” is the perfect indie soundtrack for your weekend.