Singles for the Weekend 9/25

Houndmouth – “Some Paradise”

With autumn settling in, it only feels appropriate to dig into a folksy-wistful track. “Some Paradise” was written for a podcast, where artists take a confession and write a song based on it.

The Mowgli’s – “More Love”

“More Love” can never be a bad thing. This extra dose comes with some bittersweet news. After a decade of music-making, The Mowgli’s are stepping away from the project. Noting that they hope to stay in touch with the friends they met along the way, they say farewell to this chapter with “More Love”.

Bastille – “survivin'”

This is the anthem for making it through. Everything may feel big and stressful, but you’re making it. Slightly more laid-back than other singles Bastille’s released, “survivin'” is the kind of mellow groove to calm those nerves.

Saint Raymond – “Wide Eyed Blind”

Don’t overthink alone. Saint Raymond have been caught off guard, too. After 2015’s Young Blood, Saint Raymond has released a few handfuls of singles, including this year’s “Love This Way” and “Right Way Round”.

The Shins – “The Great Divide”

This is not the “Simple Song” you may have expected. This track is synthier, more electro-pop leaning. “The Great Divide” bridges modern and past with vintage synths and iPhones and faces a broken world with hopeful undertones.

boy pablo – “leave me alone!”

Remember those nights when you used to go out dancing? Your friends got tired, but you were finally hitting your groove? boy pablo has so been there, and that’s where he wants to stay.