Singles for the Weekend: 9/4

This week really flew, and artists obviously didn’t take a break.  Let’s check out who released new tunes for the weekend!

The Struts feat. Robbie Williams – “Strange Days”

Another new single from The Struts!  While last week’s release was a reflection on the golden days of rock’n’roll, this new single finds us in the present.  With orchestral additions and howling vocals, “Strange Days” could pass as part of the modern day cult classic soundtrack. “Strange Days” doubles as the name for their upcoming record, expected mid-October.

Knox Hamilton – “Weekend Yet”

Everyone’s out here dreaming for the weekend. Knox Hamilton goes above and beyond with a request for someone to love for the weekend.  The melancholy title track finds dynamic range through a sleepy haze.

Rebounder – “Night Sports”

With an easy breezy hooky guitar, “Night Sports” beckons you to take it out on the town.  Wait until the vocals and the guitar sync up. Warning: this track may cause you to bust your goofiest moves.

Novo Amor – “If We’re Being Honest”

Not sure whether this track is breaking hearts or restoring hope. Regardless, the soft, soothing vocals partner up with sweet strings that crescendo to sweeping anthemic keys and drums.  Novo Amor released a tour list for 2021.

Death Valley Girls – “Hold My Hand”

With Death Valley Girls’ dark bandcamp aesthetic, this track may surprise. The second single for upcoming record Under the Spell of Joy, “Hold My Hand” is a retro-filtered, sweet little rocker.

Soot Sprite – “It’s Summer And I Don’t Feel Like Smiling”

Soot Sprite capture the conflicted feeling of knowing one should be happy, but that joy isn’t reaching. A trumpet sneaks its way in for a surprise to compliment the bedroom-y rock track.