Golden Ones shine light on new album

The local rock band Golden Ones have announced the release of their debut album, titled Nowhere Fast. The Golden Ones are a 1970’s inspired rock band known for their high energy, on the stage and in their music. The debut LP is set to be released on November 27th on local record label, Horton Records. The 10 song album was recorded over 2 days at Paradise Studio, located at Tia Juana, Oklahoma.

The music can be described as having a heavy 1970’s rock and roll feel. The Golden Ones take heavy influences from David Bowie, having even named their band referencing one of his songs. The album features fun music under heavy topics including the state of our world, getting older, feminist anthems, as well as addiction and love in all its forms.

You can see the music video for one of the songs featured on the album called “Ain’t Nothin Better” down below.

As well as a live performance of “Call to Arms” to give an idea of
what it’s like to see the Golden Ones live.

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