Local Roundup – September 2020

It’s finally autumn, and local releases are dropping like pretty-colored leaves off trees. Let’s dive in.


Chrim – niespełniona

After 2019’s Sumner and Music From the Film Ribbon, Chrim is back with his signature quirky synth sound.  The ten tracks bounce between playful and a little haunting – perfect for the season. Chrim performed a live set for the album’s release directly from “Chrimland“.

Harry and the Ranch – Live at Harry’s House

Claremore’s Harry and the Ranch are bringing the concert experience to your streaming service. Miss the cheering of a crowd at your favorite venue? Put on this album, close your eyes, and pretend you’re seeing the folk-meets-rock band, Harry and the Ranch.  If you need a chuckle, check out the skits.

stepmom – Stepmom

The only “Scary Stuff” about this record is how much it’ll make you want to rock around your room. With themes of social anxiety, communication, and wanting to leave parties, this album’s got something for everyone.  Think dreamy-punk-pop-rock. stepmom’s instagram features shiny album artwork, colorful photography, and video snippets.


Sunday Night Foosball – “I Wish Hayley Williams Was on This Track”

Sunfo’s back with a loud, emotional track. You can keep up with behind-the-scenes videos and emo-riffs on their instagram. Check out the “Hayley Williams” video for an emotionally-gripping tale featuring onesies and wings.

Breakup – “Feel With Me”

Ever feel at a loss for words? “Feel With Me” is the electro-pop soundtrack to loop in your brain. Take a deep breath, nod your head, and start feeling your feelings with Breakup.

Toombz – “Feel It Now”

You’ll definitely be feeling it with this alt-rock track. High energy and dancey with just a kiss of melancholy.  Stay in touch with Toombz for an upcoming Halloween Special stream.

Kodos – “Easy to Love”

Swoon. This one’s for you cuties who are so, so in love. The floaty, breezy tune is as easy to love as the subject of the song. All proceeds from Kodos’s bandcamp will be going to the Louisville Bail Fund. Their debut record Just Another Memory lands October 16th.

Lately. – “Perfume”

Do you like your yearning with a side of groove? Lately.’s newest single follows last months release “Pleasure”.

Swim Fan – “Come Over”

Listening to this song will make you feel cool. With punchy beats, soft vocals, and (spoiler alert) a sax, just send “Come Over” to your crush to make them fall instantly in love.

Husbands – “Garth”

Finally, an ode to Garth Brooks. The alt-pop track sports bittersweet melodies that surge into layered choruses. If you catch yourself thinking, “is that a trumpet?” Yes. Yes, it is. The band designed shirts featuring the likeness of the song’s namesake to accompany the song.

cruz – “fight or flight”

cruz takes pop and makes it urgent with “fight or flight”. The track’s beats speed like a brain with a big decision to make until the song comes to a standstill breakdown.

Beachfriends – “NVM”

Beachfriends released “NVM” earlier this month. The poppy track feels almost like The 1975, made light-hearted. Like their moniker implies, the track is dusted with bright and sunny sounds.

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