Press Play: Nana Adjoa

Amsterdam singer-songwriter Nana Adjoa crafts a dynamic sound, combining soulful vocals and sonic exploration. Her energetic yet dreamy tunes exhibit deft lyricism and skillful musicianship. After taking a listen to her discography, you’ll find the Dutch-Ghanaian songstress often ruminates on love, identity, society and modernity.

Following a cluster of EPs released over the past three past three years, Nana Adjoa shared her debut full-length album Big Dreaming Ants this past September. The album begins with soft, gentle tones on the poignant “National Anthem.” It gets heavier on “Cardboard Castle”, the low piano notes create a feeling of impending doom. This gloomy alt-rock sound is a strong foundation for “Throw Stones”, even more so when juxtaposed against pastoral folk and vibrant percussion.

Standout track “No Room” begins mellow and spirited. As the song evolves, Adjoa builds tension with delicate guitar, gentle hand claps, rhythmic back-up vocals and her lilting voice. Like most of the songs on Big Dreaming Ants, “No Room” has a melody that simmers at a careful temperature, waiting for just the right time to boil. The music video serves as an homage to Ghanaian culture with several visual references– from fabrics to fans and games.