Press Play: Yellow Days

At only eighteen, Brighton boy George van den Broek began releasing groovy, slacker-rock tunes under the moniker Yellow Days. His phenomenal voice, poetic lyrics and jazzy guitar riffs were quick to become iconic. His first effort, the bedroom-produced Harmless Melodies EP, put Broek on the map with sold-out shows and online hysteria. It wasn’t long after his meteoric rise that the artist shared his debut full-length.

Is Everything Okay in Your World? continued Broek’s relaxed atmosphere and soulful Hozier-esque vocals. The record opens with chilled-out keyboard ballad “Bag of Dutch” before taking a 180 in terms of energy on track “That Easy.” The upbeat, infectious melody and determined lyrics make this song a sure standout. “I, I ain’t giving up / Not that easy”, Broek¬†rasps and writhes over lo-fi guitar and drums, “I ain’t gonna give up that easy.”¬†Check out the trippy music video for “That Easy” below.

Last month Broek released his ambitious sophomore record A Day In A Yellow Beat. The album is essentially his magnum opus with 23 tracks spread across the LP’s 77 minute runtime. It covers a spectrum of sonics with sprawling jazz-funk breakdowns, gospel-like vocals, and trilling guitar solos. On the upbeat “Open Your Eyes” Shirley Jones’ soulful runs, the funky guitar lines and the jazzy horns sound nothing short of a party. The lush grooves in “Getting Closer” and the funk-jazz feel of “Love is Everywhere” only add to the carefree vibe. A Day In A Yellow Beat is captivating. Broek’s guitar-playing prowess and his tender yet gravelly vocals are signs of serious star power.