RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown – 10/09/20

A new week of RSU Radio’s top artists! We have quite a few new names on the list, starting with the new front runner, Nana Adjoa! Nana has launched to the top of the list with her debut album, Big Dreaming Ants. While Adjoa has released several EPs in the past three years, this is her first full-length studio album in her career. Her alternative sound has put her at the top in one swoop breaking Declan McKenna’s three-week record, who is now sitting at number five. With her, we have Fleet Foxes, Cayucas, and Doves. Doves have reached the top 10 after being last week’s up and coming artist.

As for the new honorable mention and up and coming artists, OSEES have knocked down from last week’s number five to this week’s honorable mention, and Death Bells are potentially slated to be the next newcomer on the list.

Will Nana Adjoa maintain the top spot like Declan McKenna, or will we see another new artist at the top next week? Who are the hot new artists with hot new music at RSU Radio? Check next week to find out!

1            NANA ADJOA | Big Dreaming Ants

2            THE HAPPY FITS | What Could Be Better

3            FLEET FOXES | Shore

4            DECLAN MCKENNA | Zeros

5            LOMELDA | Hannah

6            SAN CISCO | Between You and Me

7            CAYUCAS | Blue Summer

8            CULTS | HOST

9            DOVES | The Universal Want

10          JEALOUS OF THE BIRDS | Peninsula

Honorable Mention:

OSEES | Protean Threat

Up & Coming:

DEATH BELLS | New Signs of Life

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