Bleachers and Springsteen Collaborate on New Music

When you think New Jersey, what comes to mind? Perhaps pizza, the Parkway, and the Jersey Devil make the list, but at the top? Bruce Springsteen. This week, fellow New Jerseyan (Jerseyite?) Jack Antonoff shared a pair of singles featuring the Boss.

On November 14th, Antonoff tweeted a phone number fans could contact.  Upon texting the number, fans would receive a text from the Bleachers hotline, with a link to the website and the word “b3lieve” – thought to be a nod to the third Bleachers album (“b3”). “chinatown” and “45” dropped just two days later.

For Non-Jersey natives, these tracks will make you homesick for a state you’ve never known. “45” has the hopeful, melancholy youthfulness reminiscent of early Springsteen records.

“chinatown” features Bruce Springsteen taking over vocals on the second chorus. The track is delicate but full of sound with semi-sweet lyrics that aim to “take the sadness out of Saturday night”. Check out the music video where Antonoff and Springsteen cruise down the highway and hang out in a field for maximum New Jersey nostalgia.

Bleachers 3 has no official release date but is expected in 2021.