Concert Couch: Weekly Live Stream Guide – 11/2

It’s finally November! It’s been getting mighty cold lately, so maybe there are some more temperature-based benefits to watching streams online. Stay warm, curl up on the couch, and see what’s streaming this week.

iVoted – Festival Live Stream – Tuesday, November 3 – Free

In an effort to increase voter turnout for the 2020 presidential election, the iVoted festival was formed. In order to gain access to the live stream, you have to RSVP with a photo of you outside your polling place, with your blank mail-in ballot, or if you can’t vote, with a video of you explaining how long until you can vote and why you’re excited to. A massive list of artists have joined the movement to perform, including Jukebox the Ghost, Nai Br.XX, and more who can all be browsed at the list above. It’s a free event provided the above information, and one you shouldn’t miss out on, so go out and vote!

Hellogoodbye – Concert Live Stream – Friday, November 6, 8 PM CT – $15

Hellogoodbye is streaming a concert in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of their album “Would It Kill You?” The live stream will feature various high quality live stream angles of the band performing the full tracklist of “Would It Kill You?”

Ticket purchase will also include future access to the archived stream. There is also a bundle option featuring some merchandise and a vinyl of the commemorated album.

Paradise LostConcert Live Stream – Thursday, November 5, 2 PM CT – $10

Paradise Lost will be streaming live from their rehearsal studio “The Mill.” The stream will be hosted on StageIt, which uses its own form of currency, “notes.” You can get ten notes per dollar, and the stream costs one hundred notes to access. The performance will debut two new songs in their first ever live play of tracks off the upcoming album “Obsidian.”