Concert Couch – Weekly Live Stream Guide – 11/23

For this week’s live stream guide, I have important news you’ll want to keep on your radar–RSU Radio is hosting its own live stream for this year’s Chillout concert!

Chillout 2020Premiered Virtual Concert – Thursday, December 3rd, 7PM Central – Free

We’re hosting our first virtual event at RSU Radio this year with Chillout 2020! The event features a multi-camera, pre-recorded and edited setup with several local Oklahoman bands performing along with interviews, live giveaways for viewers, and more. The event is totally free to watch, as well as the giveaways being free to enter, and it will go live on RSU Radio’s YouTube channel next week, so make sure and mark it on your calendars!

Aside from that, there are a few other streams coming up this week that may pique your interest.

Tank and the Bangas – EP Premiere – Wednesday, November 25th, 7PM Central – $12 

Tank and the Bangas will be premiering songs from their newest EP, “Friend Goals.” The stream will be hosted through Loopedlive, and instructions for how to view the stream are available on the sales website. There are multiple merchandise bundles available for sale, but the minimum for a ticket alone is $12.

Dua Lipa – Live Stream Concert – Friday, November 27, 8PM Central – $17

Dua Lipa will be streaming live from Studio 2054, performing music from all of her albums, including her debut. There are said to be lots of surprise guests showing up at the set, but they aren’t named, so expect a few surprise performances.