Concert Couch – Weekly Live Stream Guide – 11/30

This is the week of RSU Radio’s Chillout 2020! Along with that, we have a lot of upcoming online concerts from other artists.

Chillout 2020Premiered Virtual Concert – Thursday, December 3rd, 7PM Central – Free

We’re hosting our first virtual event at RSU Radio this year with Chillout 2020! Clear your schedule on December third, because you’re in for nonstop local music and entertainment from RSU Radio, along with giveaways throughout the evening. The event features a multi-camera, pre-recorded and edited setup with several local Oklahoman bands performing along with interviews, live giveaways for viewers, and more. The event is totally free to watch, as well as the giveaways being free to enter, and it will go live on RSU Radio’s YouTube channel next week, so make sure and mark it on your calendars!

THE SEA THE SEA Open For Takeout Concert – Monday, November 30, 7PM Central – $7

This week’s Open For Takeout special features THE SEA THE SEA, a New York-based indie duo. The stream will be hosted through a YouTube private link, and you will have to have a YouTube account to comment and participate during the stream. The link will be provided 2 hours before the stream starts and be available for 24 hours after its conclusion for re-viewing.

All Time Low – Basement Noise Concert – Friday, December 4th, 5 PM Central – $15

The popular pop-punk band will be streaming this week on December 4th. Tickets can be purchased from their store, along with several merchandise bundles. You must create an account on their shop interface in order to access your ticket and access the stream. A replay period will be available for re-watching as many times as you want after the conclusion of the concert.

CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH – Zoom Concert – Saturday, December 5th, 7 PM Central – $25

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the indie music project of Alec Ounsworth, will be streamed December 5th and hosted by Undertow. A zoom link will be given to participants before the beginning of the concert. There will be a question and answer section of the performance and participants will be allowed to unmute and speak if called on during these times.

Dawes – Album Concert – Friday, December 4th, 8PM Central – $15

Dawes will be returning to their first album, North Hills, online through the noonchorus concert service. Every track on the album will be played through during the performance. This concert is in celebration of their debut all the way back in 2009. A noonchorus account is required to purchase tickets, and two merchandise listings are also available.