Local Music Roundup: October 2020

October brought a slew of spooky (and super chill) new releases from Okie artists. Whether you’re still hanging on to that halloweekend energy or watching the leaves fall from the trees, these new releases have you covered.

“Just Another Memory” by Kodos

Kodos dropped the chill alt rock record of the century with their debut album Just Another Memory. It’s an apt title. Whether you’re sitting at home reading by the window or exploring somewhere you’ve never been, it’s the perfect soundtrack for making new memories.

“Polarity EP” by The Long Con

Oklahoma City band The Long Con compiled the entirety of their previously released catalog into their debut EP Polarity. It’s an impressive debut with a ton of emotion and memorable lyrics. Standout “Cutting Close” is a catchy tune that demands to be played over and over again.

“Blood Stained Mouth” by Golden Ones

Tulsa band Golden Ones channeled big Halloween vibes on their latest single “Blood Stained Mouth.” If you like this glam rock track, keep your eyes peeled for the band’s debut LP Nowhere Fast coming November 27th via Horton Records.

“Love at Last?” by Diva

Norman act Diva have released their latest track “Love at Last?” The bittersweet tune has upbeat instrumentals with bright, sun-soaked guitar juxtaposed against tender, melancholic lyrics. Despite the lyrics, this uptempo track will still put a pep in your step.

“Vermont” by Cavern Company

Cavern Company has finally graced us with new single “Vermont.” Like most of their tracks, it’s blanketed in a warm, uplifting energy that’s guaranteed to make anyone feel better after listening to it. If your spirits need lifting, it’s a job for Cavern Company.