Press Play: Katy J Pearson

On a grassy knoll in Bristol, a singer-songwriter with a voice spun from silk and tales of romance, depression, and good ol’ fashioned country heartbreak emerges. That singer-songwriter is Katy J Pearson. Following her previous band Ardyn being dropped by a major label, Katy took a solo venture exploring folk-laced ballads and poppy riffs blanketed in a dusty cloud of alt-country. Combine all of these elements with her Stevie Nicks level vibrato and you have excellent debut record Return.

Packed in a tight 10-track bundle, Return has everything to lift a downed spirit from indie pop hooks to stripped-back moments. Oscillating effortlessly between upbeat rock and blissed-out country, it’s hard to pinpoint a specific standout Return because each track reveals something special.

The anthemic nature of many tracks on Return composes a record that demands to be listened to again and again. From the sugary sweetness of “Fix Me Up” to the irresistible energy of “Take Back the Radio”, these tracks will have you singing with the windows down. Overall, Return leaves you with a feeling of hope and resilience and a reminder to shoot for the stars while paying no mind to the unpredictability of life.