Music in the Next Generation of Gaming

The next generation of gaming is upon us, with the release of the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles just last month. Due to manufacturing and distribution issues the consoles have been very difficult to obtain. With the next generation of hardware finally here, the next generation of games are also coming into circulation. One of the most anticipated games of the last decade has finally released, CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. Announced in 2013, fans have finally been able to install the game on December 10th. One of the featured artists in the game is Grimes, or known by her in-game pseudonym “Lizzy Wizzy.” Grimes is also a part of the game in the form of an NPC, non playable character, who the gamer can interact with and complete quests for.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open world role playing game and inside the game you can hear in-game radio stations while driving around. This feature is not new to next generation of games or even gaming in general. In-game radio stations have been around since 1986’s Out Run. Grand Theft Auto is considered to be the game to begin this trend as we know it, featuring multiple stations composed of original songs for the game. These stations included on-air personalities and commercials relevant to the content of the game. The next update for Grand Theft Auto 5, which can be played on the new consoles, will add an underground night club with DJs in game. The update also adds more stations, including one that will be hosted and curated by Julian Casablancas. It will feature artists such as Mac DeMarco, David Cross, and Tony Mac.