Poppy releases A Very Poppy Christmas EP

As we enter the holiday season, many artists are already releasing new Christmas covers to spark the holiday spirit. While many of these covers tend to blend together, one artist has found a way to stand out from the rest. Then again, how could we expect Poppy to do anything less than stand out? Ever since that first video “Poppy Eats Cotton Candy” back in 2014, she has been catching the attention of anyone who’s fortunately unfortunate enough to happen across her path.

Six years down the road, she is still finding her own unique ways of producing content for her fans to enjoy. Her newest release, an EP titled A Very Poppy Christmas, brings an entirely different mood than regular holiday music. While it only has four tracks, it has the benefit of containing original music instead of covers of songs everyone already knows. The songs are “I Won’t Be Home for Christmas,” “I Like Presents,” “Kiss in the Snow,” and a cover of “Silver Bells.”

A Very Poppy Christmas provides a dramatic difference from Poppy’s previous releases that came out earlier this year such as her last full-length, I Disagree. Which was inspired by alternative metal. Instead of metal or “Holly Jolly” holiday music, her new release has more of a bittersweet vibe. It’s a mood many of us feel during the holidays but don’t often bring to light. Stream it via Youtube or any major music platform.