RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 1/08/21

Back for more of RSU Radio’s top music, we have the first top ten countdown of the new year! I’m excited to be back, so let’s get back into the music recap. The top artist of the week is Nané off of the album of the same name. We have a few debuts, such as the Quarter-Life Crisis debut EP, on the list this week as well. We actually have featured two up and coming artists on this week’s rankings, featuring both the artist Little Dragon who made it on with their collaboration with Moses Sumney as well as the artist an only child.

On an interesting note, when it comes to the new years rankings, all of the music released hear would technically sound old, because it was all released last year! But maybe we may have some new 2021 music hitting you here soon–there’s always new music spinning out, so try and keep on top of it with RSU RADIO’s top ten countdown!

See you next week for the updated list, and potentially more new music–how long will it take to get a new release from 2021?

1            NANÉ | NANÉ

2           A SHORELINE DREAM | Melting

3           ELLIS | Saturn Returned [SINGLE]

4           QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS | Quarter-Life Crisis [EP]

5           THE BATS | Foothills

6          SHAD | The Fool Pt. 3

7           PVA | Toner [EP]

8           SAM LYNCH | Little Disappearance

9           HALF DREAM | Monster of Needing

10         DEAD SOFT | Baby Blue [EP]

Honorable Mention:

MAD HONEY | She’s an Angel [SINGLE]

Up & Coming:


AN ONLY CHILD | Prepare The Body

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