Is Pavement Releasing The Expanded ‘Terror Twilight’ Reissue?

The latter half of 2020 was an odd one for Pavement. The band saw a strange push from Spotify algorithms on “Harness Your Hopes”, an obscure B-side recorded during the sessions for 1997’s Brighten The Corners (and it even found a home on my daily mix playlist).  The track skyrocketed past the enduring 90’s hit “Cut Your Hair” and currently rests as Pavement’s top song with over 34 million streams. Now it seems the band is riding this wave of new listeners by once again hinting toward a reissue of their final record Terror Twilight.

Pavement’s four previous albums have all gotten the expanded reissue treatment, and while Terror Twilight‘s reissue has been teased in the past, it just hasn’t come together. Although the reason for the reissue’s delayed release is unsure, a new Instagram post suggests that it may be in motion once again.

The post includes an image of a block of text titled “The Terror Twilight… or Pavement’s ‘All Shook Down.” While the sentences underneath are cut off, you can still make out some details describing the backstory of the record. The caption reads “Finally sorting out liner notes… stay tuned folks. It’s mastered at least!”


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