RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 2/12/21

This week there’s a lot of new artists making the rankings–Pom Poko, Anna B Savage, Neil Frances, Goat Girl, Arlo Parks, Melpo Mene, Fana Hues, and K. Michelle Dubois. We even have two new names in the honorable mention and up and coming artist spots, with Waltzer waltzing in off of their new album Time Traveler and Nulfifer Yanya coming up in the rankings.

Maybe it’s because of not much left to do because of COVID-19, but there’s a sudden surge in new album releases this year and it’s just now mid-February. We see a lot of the new music coming in this year through how many of these releases are 2021 drops. Hopefully there will be more new music to come for the list.

1           POM POKO | Cheater

2          SLAUGHTER BEACH, DOG | At the Moonbase

3          ANNA B SAVAGE | A Common Turn

4          NEIL FRANCES | Falling for You [EP]

5           GOAT GIRL | On All Fours

6          ARLO PARKS | Collapsed In Sunbeams

7           MELPO MENE | All Of This Is True [SINGLE]

8           THE BESNARD LAKES | The Besnard Lakes Are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings

9           FANA HUES | Hues

10         K. MICHELLE DUBOIS | The Fever Returns [SINGLE]

Honorable Mention:

WALTZER | Time Traveler

Up & Coming:

NULIFER YANYA | Feeling Lucky? [EP]