RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 2/19/21

This week there aren’t many new artists on the list, but there are some shifts in rankings that seem to imply there will be big changes soon. For one, The Avalanches who were on the list previously but recently fell off are back on and at the number one spot, taking it from Pom Poko. The other new artist to the list is TV Priest. K. Michelle Dubois has fallen off from the number 10 spot and is seated at honorable mention of the week.

Tamar Aphek is the up & coming artist off of her new album, All Bets Are Off.

Next week will be the last top 10 of February, so hopefully we can anticipate some new developments coming in soon to cap off the month.

1           THE AVALANCHES | We Will Always Love You

2          POM POKO | Cheater

3          ARLO PARKS | Collapsed In Sunbeams

4          TV PRIEST | Uppers

5          ANNA B SAVAGE | A Common Turn

6          SLAUGHTER BEACH, DOG | At the Moonbase

7           GOAT GIRL | On All Fours

8           THE BESNARD LAKES | The Besnard Lakes Are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings

9           EASTER ISLAND | Take All the Time You Think You Need

10         WALTZER | Time Traveler

Honorable Mention:


Up & Coming:

Tamar Aphek | All Bets Are Off

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