RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 3/12/21

We have a few new artists on the list this week along with quite the big shift in positions. To start, Miss Grit has kept the top spot this week. Slaughter Beach, Dog is back up on the top end of the list after almost falling off last week as well. As for new artists, we have Sports back on the list after falling off along with The Hold Steady, and as for names we haven’t seen there is Cal Fish and Black Pistol Fire.

The honorable mention of the week is also a new name, Good Kid, as well as the up and coming artist, Sincere Gifts.

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1          MISS GRIT | Impostor [EP]

2          SLAUGHTER BEACH, DOG | At the Moonbase

3          SPORTS | Get A Good Look Pt. 1

4          POM POKO | Cheater

5          GOAT GIRL | On All Fours

6          CAL FISH | Plastic Flag

7           BLACK PISTOL FIRE | Look Alive

8           THE HOLD STEADY | Open Door Policy

9          ARLO PARKS | Collapsed In Sunbeams

10        TELE NOVELLA | Merlynn Belle

Honorable Mention:

GOOD KID | Good Kid 2 [EP]

Up & Coming:

SINCERE GIFTS | Ghost of America [EP]

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