Beabadoobee Releases New Single Foreshadowing Upcoming EP

In September of 2017, Bea Kristi recorded her first song “Coffee,” in a friend’s bedroom, and shared it online under the “Beabadoobee.” While her intention was simply to share it with a few friends, the video quickly had hundreds of thousands of views. Making her a worldwide sensation practically overnight. The sudden success caught the attention of the London-based label company Dirty Hit. Beabadoobee has now built up a strong discography via the label, and she isn’t slowing down.

Following the highly successful release of her last album, Fake it Flowers, Beabadoobee has now released her brand new single “Last Day on Earth,” in preparation for her upcoming EP. The EP is called Our Extended Play, and is set to come out some time this spring. The new song as well as her EP were co-written and produced by George Daniel and Matt Healy from the band The 1975.

Beabadoobee said in a press release, “‘Last Day On Earth’ is about all the things I would have done had I known we were going into a lockdown and the world was going to change the way it has. It was written shortly after the first main lockdown, and lyrically, it’s me reflecting on how it would feel if we all knew ahead of time what was going to happen. All the things I would have done if I knew it was the last day of our old normality.”

Beabadoobee continued, “I wrote and recorded the EP on a farm with Matty and George from the 1975 in the countryside. It was really nice being able to create together and my first time writing and recording in that kind of setting. I wanted to experiment on the sounds and sonics even more, and the EP to me has a feeling of togetherness to it—how we’re all in this joined as one.”

The line “we’re all in this joined as one,” is demonstrated in her music video for “Last Day on Earth, where she uses a Tik-Tok trend to connect separate videos of people together to make them all look connected and provide a flow. The song itself sticks with Beabadoobee’s 90’s nostalgic sound but leans closer to a modern pop vibe with a smooth tone. Check it out here.