What We Learned From The Crumb AMA

Brooklyn band Crumb stopped by r/indieheads yesterday afternoon to talk about their brand new sophomore album Ice Melt. During the sites’ Ask Me Anything (AMA) event, Crumb elaborated on a couple of production choices, shared some song lore, and even gave sage advice for burgeoning musicians.

Hi Crumb, I had a question about your song “faces”, before jinx came out, when you played the song live it was always a fast-paced song. The album version is much slower, did you guys decide to change the vibe and slow it down? Or was that just for live shows.

Fast-paced times

I’ve been wondering, how do you write your lyrics? I’ve always had trouble putting what I’m trying to say into words, is there something that I can do to improve the process?

When I’m walking, or running, or moving through some sort of landscape. Something about how my blood flows when I’m walking helps my brain make nice words. – Lila

Which song of yours do you enjoy playing live the most?

Trophy wins 🏆

Hi! I have a question about “Gone” (that one’s my favorite!)– what inspired you to start the song that way? The beginning is so unique and works so well. And what inspired the lyrics to the song in general?

I kept receiving these spam voicemails saying “you have not received a letter” and saying they were calling from the Chinese consulate. Everyday like clockwork I’d get them. So we added it to the beginning of the song. I originally wrote the song about my late grandmother who passed away while we were recording the album. She was a legend, rip ~! – Lila

Fall down is one of my most listened to songs of yall’s, and while I’ve kinda given it my own meaning, I’m curious what the inspiration for writing it was? Like what is fall down about.

I think I wrote that keys line first and everything kinda grew from that. The lyrics are about a hot summer fling.

I recently started playing the drums, and you guys’s music is my absolute favorite to drum to. who are some of your favorite drummers, and what has been some of the inspiration for the drums in your music?

In order: Bonham, Chad Smith, Thomas Pridgen, Zach Hill. Inspired by a lot of programmed drums recently – Jonathan

What instrument is the lead in “up and down”? it cant tell if its a sitar kind of thing or just a funky synth. whatever it is, it sounds sick

Yep! It’s an electric sitar. Similar to the one I played in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJG7mwTqDh8 -Lila

Love the unique sound of the sax in your songs, do you have any plans to try and push that sound even further on future records?

yes definitely, it’s really fun to see how sax sounds get shaped into each record -b

I was wondering if you had any advice on dealing of the feeling of never knowing enough when it comes to making music? I’m a beginner level musician & I feel so overwhelmed and intimidated about how much there is to learn before I feel like I’ll be good enough.

play from your heart and your feelings and don’t beat yourself up <3

Any advice for a self-produced artist working on an album but who doesn’t know much about mastering? See you in Philly ☮️💙

Mastering can mean so many damn things, but I think making sure that people can enjoy listening across devices (especially ubiquitous/cheap stuff) is key


is your creative process smooth af, as I can idealize, or you also have lack of ideas and blocked minds? also, any recommendations to someone who is struggling with creating music?

writing comes in cycles, sometimes you need rest and sometimes it just flows out of you. Be patient 🙂

What is the best piece of advice you could give to somebody who is just starting up playing music as a group and just trying to get a harmony/flow going

I would just try to have fun and create something that feels good without thinking too much about what it is / should be