Indigo De Souza Releases New Music

To announce a new album coming out in August, female indie rock bastion, Indigo De Souza released a new single and music video titled, “Kill Me”!

With soft, dry, yet nonetheless hard hitting drums, a guitar tone that starts as smooth as a wet river stone but then turns into a pleasant crunch, vocals from Indigo that if one was to sing along, they would sure feel some degree of catharsis, and a bass that meshes all the parts together and firmly affixes the track to the eardrum. The song feels like a solid testament to our lives that are so vulnerable to indignation and frustration.

Having premiered on YouTube June 15th, the music video features a “custody battle” between one childbearing individual against a non-childbearing individual, held in a wrestling ring, while a crowd of people cheer on the carnage of a cake-sitting competition. Simultaneously, Indigo sings and dances alone in a wet, dimly lit amber parking garage. Towards the end of the video, Indigo herself steps into the ring where the “custody battle” was held and begins to break down and writhe in cake, while strobe lights sparingly admit exhibition. As to why there is so much cake in the production, director Jordan Alexander explains that “cake sitting is this wonderful art form, rampant with metaphors of creation and destruction, engaging in equal parts with desire and disgust”.

Indigo’s last release was her self-released I Love My Mom LP, which came out June of 2018. From which, the songs “Good Heart” and “Take Off Ur Pants”, have received a comfortable amount of airtime from KRSC.

The new album is called Any Shape You Take and will be released on August 27th from Saddle Creek. On her Bandcamp, Indigo explains that with this upcoming album, “everything has to be said”. She calls herself a shape shifter with her music in that she is “always trying to embody a balance; between the existential weight and the overflowing sense of love [she] feels in the world”.

On top of the album announcement, single, and music video, Indigo De Souza has announced tour dates touring the east coast and California! For more information, you can visit