RSU Radio’s Top 10 Countdown — 06/04/21

We have a lot of new and returning artists this week! We have LAPêCHE, who was at our number 9 spot last week and have now jumped up to the number 8 spot. Meanwhile, Sharktank has managed to hang on to the number 2 spot this week.

This week Dinosaur Jr. with the song “I Ain’t” and Blk Jks with the song “Human Hearts” take honorable mentions.

  1. Crumb: Gone 
  2. Sharktank: 007
  3. Phoneboy: Handheld 
  4. MAYA LUCIA: ur ruining it !
  5. Danielle Grubb: The Flood 
  6. Nick Waterhouse: Place Names 
  7. Francis of Delirium: Red
  8. LAPêCHE: Bells 
  9. Rosie Tucker: Arrow 
  10. The Black Mystery Snails: Goblin Home