Local Music Roundup – August 2021

The calendar may have said that August was only 31 days, but to many, it felt like a lifetime. Now, school is back in session and local artists are back on the grind. Neon Cathedral released the glorious Velvet EP and Lucid Awakening got our heads banging with their new record. Let’s not forget about some brand new singles ranging from blues-rock to lowkey indie pop. Take a listen to what locals had to offer for the month of August below.

Neon Cathedral – Velvet 

OKC shoegazers Neon Cathedral graced us with the Velvet EP after sharing lead single “Drab” last month. Velvet is four tracks of droning, fuzzed-out guitar, and hushed, ethereal vocals. Take a listen and dive deep into their sludgy pool of guitar pedals and heavenly harmony.

Lucid Awakening – Drifting in a Sea of Uncertainty

Lucid Awakening made their mark in progressive rock with their latest LP Drifting in a Sea of Uncertainty. The record was a long-time coming. According to the band’s Instagram, some of the tracks had been in development for ten years. The record is full of intense prog-rock rippers with soaring vocals that transition to guttural in a matter of seconds. It’s a dynamic listen complete with peaks and plateaus that make for a unique experience.

Lazy Rooster Rhythm Co. – No Summertime and Saint James’ Infirmary

Got the blues? Norman band Lazy Rooster Rhythm Co. has them too. The group released two singles last month– “No Summertime” ​and “​St. James’ Infirmary.” The powerful vocals coasting atop somber rock n’ roll grooves are a match made in heaven, and it’s got this writer hoping for an LP soon.

Stephen Salewon – Weapon

Another OKC artist to keep your eye on is Stephen Salewon. Combining contemporary pop, folk, and African rhythms, he’s doing it like no one else. You can catch his set this Saturday, September 4th at the Paseo Arts Festival in OKC from 9-10 PM.

Beachfriends – Soft Smile

Tulsa band Beachfriends are back with another single “Soft Smile.” The track is a hushed, indie-pop jam perfect for your next mixtape to give that special someone.