Alana Haim’s acting-debut movie “Licorice Pizza” looks DELICIOUS!

The trio of sisters, Haim, seem to never stop delivering. To catch a glimpse of this, most recently the band released their third studio record Woman In Music Pt. III to much critical acclaim. Sitting at an 89 on Metacritic however, isn’t the only success this LP got them. Soon an Album of The Year Grammy nomination would come, multiple remixes with popular acts (Taylor Swift & Thundercat) would be released, and numerous impressive music videos would be up. To just feel the magnitude of their talent, here is them performing “The Steps” at the most recent annual Grammys ceremony:



Beyond the band, each of them has their own side projects and ventures. The bassist of the band, Este, has her own podcast titled “That Thing I Do” with actor Daniel Criss. Danielle, Haim’s lead singer, composes all of the band’s songs as well as produces a large number of the group’s music videos. As for the youngest of the sisters, Alana; she is just getting started.

Fans of the band and Alana were given their first taste of the guitarist’s first acting role in “Licorice Pizza” in September with the film’s official trailer. Music fans around the nation were so pleased to see that Alana wouldn’t be the only musician to join the film.

Tom Waits has been cast as well as Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood was announced as the composer behind the score. The MGM film, named after a chain of former record shops, also stars many others. Bradley Cooper, Sean Penn, Benny Safdie, and Cooper Hoffman (son of Phillip Seymour Hoffman) for example.



This isn’t “Licorice Pizza” Director Paul Thomas Anderson’s first time working with Haim, however. Anderson has been at the head of some music videos for the band. “I’m In It”, “Summer Girl”, and the music short film “Valentine” are only some of these projects. His previous films “Inherent Vice”, “Punch-Drunk Love”, and “Boogie Nights” all have gained praise from critics and regular movie-goers alike. That being said, it’s safe to assume that Alana Haim and Anderson will create something great like they always have.

The film is due out November 26th, 2o21.