Car Seat Headrest Coming to OKC

Starting in March of next year, Car Seat Headrest are making stops across the East Coast, West Coast, and even OKC. The band said in a statement on social media, “You are formally invited to a venue near you to partake in The Car Seat Headrest Masquerade Tour for a night of music, dancing, and identity loss.”  The statement continued– “We are deeply excited to crawl out of our pit and onto the spot lit stage once more. For a few hours on a spring night, you too can slip out of your mind and into the ever-changing shared world of the theater.”

Bartees Strange will be supporting the tour for most shows (including the Oklahoma date) and Floral Tattoos will help them close out the tour in Canada for the band’s Vancouver show. The tour will be taking COVID precautions by requiring that attendees bring proof of vaccination. The option for a negative test is only allowed at select venues. Tickets for the OKC show on May 7th can be purchased here.

The merch table has something special in-store during the Masquerade Tour. The band will be offering physical copies of The MADLO EPs, an exclusive tour-only CD.  The complication consists of MADLO: Influences and MADLO: Remixes, as well as four covers of David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Kate Bush, and The Who songs.