Local Music Roundup – September 2021

Can you feel that? It’s the cold chill of spooktober in the air. Get out your witch hats and celebrate with new music from local artists like Goodridge, Gall, Husbands, and Seth Lee Jones.

Goodridge – Sinking

Tulsa band Goodridge is a math-rocky emo experience that is equal parts emphatic and sentimental. Their new EP Sinking will have you in your feelings (in a good way.) On standout track “Chicago,” Goodridge ruminates on lost love, Was it bright and red or pale like the time I said I’d run away / To Chicago, in the summer /  I got my things together knowing that you’d just drag me back under.

Ben Quad – We’re Gonna Be Here for a While

Hungry for more local emo? Good, because I’ve got seconds. Ben Quad has dropped a new single called “We’re Gonna Be Here for a While.” Like what you hear? Don’t forget to check the band out on Instagram to see when you can catch their next live show.

Gall – A Rough Patch (Remixes)

Max out with a new collection of chill beats from OKC electronica wizard Gall. He dropped a remix of tracks from previous release All Ways to celebrate the effort turning five this year.  According to Gall on Instagram, the songs from All Ways were used as samples for the remixed versions.

Husbands – Liked to Party 

After dropping lead single “Must Be a Cop” a few months ago, OKC indie rockers Husband have released their full EP Liked to Party. If you were dazzled by the single, get ready to be blown away. Liked to Party is a strange, ethereal ride. Standout track “Ambi’s Mom” is an ominous slow-burner that sounds like it fell off the It Follows soundtrack. If you’re looking for spooky, you found it.

Seth Lee Jones – Flathead

Kick the dust off your boots and settle into Seth Lee Jones’ Flathead. The nine-track effort is the latest release from local label Horton Records, and it’s composed entirely of blues covers ranging from Muddy Waters to Roger Miller. These tracks are some of the band’s favorites– and they’ve been fine-tuned thanks to years of live performances.

The Odyssey – Breakout

The Odyssey are back with a new single called “Breakout.” With soaring vocals coasting over blues-rock riffs, this new track is right on brand. “Breakout” also came with a music video that features the band making a hasty escape from some strange, glowy-eyed creatures.  Don’t forget to take a deep dive into the song’s lyrics and meaning with the band’s lead singer Cobey on their Youtube channel.