Local Music Roundup – November 2021

November was a great month for local music. We got a new EP from beau Jennings, the much-anticipated album from internet phenomenon Johnny Manchild finally dropped, and we got an official album announcement from Sports. Check out what local artists had to offer for the month of November below.

Beau Jennings & The Tigers – Feel The Sun

Norman-based singer and songwriter Beau Jennings is back with a new effort, an EP called Feel The Sun. The EP marks Beau’s first release with Tulsa label Black Mesa Records. Honest lyricism and earnest musicianship span all four tracks for a small but impressively tight collection of songs. When you’re done streaming Feel The Sun, hear him talk about playing music across the nation, the pandemic’s effect on his music and new releases in the latest Press Play OK.

Johnny Manchild – We Did Not Ask For This Room

Boy wonder Johnny Manchild has returned with a new record, We Did Not Ask For This Room. The album was recorded at the iconic Sonic Ranch studio with crowd-sourced funding. If you were hoping for another helping of the band’s oddball combination of jazz, alternative rock, ska, and world music– you got your wish. In terms of composition, We Did Not Ask For This Room definitely kicks it up a notch

Sports – Can’t Be What You Think

Tulsa band Sports has dropped a few singles since blessing us with Get A Good Look Pt. 1 back in February. “Can’t Be What You Think” released in November with earlier single “Ordinary Man” as a B-Side. The band is set to release all of Get A Good Look in its entirety on February 11th of next year. They’re also hitting the road starting in January for an impressive North American tour that ends in Tulsa at The Vanguard. Tickets are available on their website.

Leotie – The Lion’s Club

 OKC indie artist Leotie released a new 7-track EP titled The Lion’s Club. The effort builds a melancholic atmosphere with sparse guitar lines, soft drums and hushed vocals. Despite the cool, autumnal tones felt throughout Lion’s Club, there’s a warmth bubbling underneath the surface. You can catch some of these tracks live when Leotie plays Friday, December 10th at Opolis with Chelsea Days and Kodos.

The Nghiems – KPOP Band

Last month OKC band The Nghiems asked themselves, “What if we were a KPOP band?” and the answer came with a new single and music video titled “KPOP Band.” The laid-back indie tune may sound far removed from commercial Korean pop music but the video serves the question well. Watch the Nghiem brothers and other band members train to become Korea’s biggest stars above and purchase their new single here.