Mother Mother Releases Sequel to “Hayloft” on Inside (Deluxe)—How “Hayloft II” Measures Up to the Original

We know it started in the hayloft, but whatever happened to the young lovers? Indie rock band Mother Mother releases a sequel to their greatest hit “Hayloft” almost 14 years later with “Hayloft II,” from their album Inside (Deluxe). The revamped album released January 28, 2022, with a new album cover and seven extra songs— “Life,” “All the Dying,” “Frying Pan,” “Conversations,” “Turpentine,” “Like a Child (piano demo),” and, of course, “Hayloft II.”

“Hayloft,” released in 2008, stays at the top with over 268 million plays, so how does the sequel hold up?

“Hayloft II” has garnered over 9.6 million plays within a month of its release. While there’s no topping the original, “Hayloft II” is an intense callback to its beloved predecessor delivered through the band’s modern sound. To this listener, “Hayloft II” is great as a sequel and as a stand-alone; it’s a whole other monster—one that sinks its teeth in and doesn’t let go.

Mother Mother hits the USA with their 2022 Fall Tour, happening September 29th through November 9th. Visit for more information.