John Moreland Announces New Album ‘Birds In the Ceiling’

John Moreland is a name known globally, but spoken most fondly of in his current hometown. The Tulsa-based singer-songwriter is known for his soulful sorrow. Moving musical arrangements and lyrics that are uniquely Oklahoman, but universally relatable, drive Moreland’s ever-growing notoriety. The singer announced his sixth solo studio album Birds in the Ceiling.

This release is his follow up to 2020’s LP5, which was a return to Thirty Tigers after a short stint on the 4AD label. While the album signaled a return to the familiar in terms of release, the music was a clear new direction for Moreland. Songs featured more experimentation with new rhythm patterns, instrumental tracks, and slicker production. Our introduction to Birds feels the same. It feels familiar, but somehow new. Moreland trades his trademark finger-picked acoustic guitar for layered vocals, smooth electric piano, and an active rhythm section.

Birds in the Ceiling is out July 22 on Bad Omens and Thirty Tigers.

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