Angel Olsen has a Big Time with Album, Tour, and Film

Pictured above: Angel Olsen in her “Big Time” music video

Libera award winning singer-songwriter, Angel Olsen, has been working hard this year with a tour, music videos, upcoming album, and film in the works. The St. Louis, MO native has been in the music scene since 2009 but arguably made her big break with her second album, Burn Your Fire for No Witness, in 2014. Since then, the artist has only grown, making four albums since, including Big Time. Three songs from the album have already been released on her Through The Fires single; “Through The Fires”, “Big Time”, and “All The Good Times”. 

The music video for the song “Big Time” was released April 27th, with the lyric video coming out shortly after. The video has a vintage aura and seems to be set in some sort of bar/venue. Olsen is brought up by the emcee to sing and she reluctantly does. As Angel performs, the patrons couple up and dance. During the course of the song, the singer has outfit changes and becomes more confident singing. As the song concludes, the camera zooms out to show an empty bar with just Olsen at the microphone. The song itself has a old country to it as Angel croons about falling in love, underlined by a twangy guitar and strong piano. 

The full Big Time record will be available on June 3rd. If buying directly from the artist or label, you might run into an upcharge. Don’t fret, it’s for a good reason! The following quote was shared regarding this charge on Olsen’s site:

“…every CD and LP copy of Big Time ordered directly from the artist or label store will include an additional charge to offset the carbon emissions of each piece. Jagjaguwar, in partnership with Terra Lumina Consulting, calculated emissions and costs to achieve a carbon negative product for ‘cradle-to-grave’ use of each physical piece: from the mining of materials, to pressing and shipping, to the electricity consumed by your stereo at home, to end of life disposal. Carbon offsets will be purchased through Native, supporting the Medford Spring Grassland Project.”

As for Big Time‘s track list, it goes as follows:

1. All The Good Times

2. Big Time

3. Dream Thing

4. Ghost On

5. All The Flowers

6. Right Now

7. This Is How It Works

8. Go Home

9. Through The Fires

10. Chasing The Sun

Olsen will begin The Wild Hearts Tour alongside Sharon Van Etten and Julien Baker with special guest, Spencer. joining for some performances. The tour starts July 21st in Vienna, VA and will end in New York City, NY on August 21st. The closest concert will be in Austin, TX on July 25th. However, once that tour concludes she will go on The Big Time European Tour with Tomberlin on September 26th.

In support of her new single and upcoming album, Olsen has announced her first short film of the same name. Olsen is not only one of the creative geniuses behind the film but also the main character, making it her first short film both in creation and acting. The trailer for Big Time was released on May 9th, running a little over a minute long. From watching said trailer, it seems that the movie is about Angel suffering with the loss of a loved one. The trailer begins with her talking to an older lady about loss then it cuts to different short clips of the film. These clips give one an eerie feeling, as if it is a thriller. After these different ominous clips, the conversation resumes then clips are shown once more. The singer goes into more detail about her songs, upcoming album, and film on her Instagram (@angelolsenmusic). The film runs 28 minutes. Big Time will be released with Amazon Music on their Twitch channel and their app on June 2nd, a day before the album release, at 8:30 P.M. CDT. For more information on where to pre-order the album and watch the film, you can visit Angel Olsen’s official site.