Horsegirl Releases Music Video for “Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty)”

The Chicago-based indie-rock band, Horsegirl, recently released a music video for their song “Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty)” on May 17th. This song will be featured on their upcoming debut album, Versions of Modern Performance, set to be released June 3rd. The music video is in a vintage, home-video style, as if it’s being performed for a school talent show. In fact, the video was recorded at Lowenstein’s elementary school in the course of a day. This is not the band’s first music video, however, as they have put out videos for each of their singles. The trio is currently on tour in the United States to promote their new album. The three also plan to hold concerts in Canada and Europe after the release of their album. 

Horsegirl formed in 2019 and self-released the song “Forecast” before signing to Sonic Cathedral Recordings. The three-piece released their first EP in 2020 by the name of Horsegirl: Ballroom Dance Scene et cetera (best of Horsegirl) and their singles include “Billy” (2021), “Anti-glory” (2022), and “World of Pots and Pans” (2022). In 2021, they signed and released their song “Billy” with Matador Records. The band has released the album cover and tracklist for their freshman album, going as follows:

  1. Anti-glory
  2. Beautiful Song 
  3. Live and Ski
  4. Bog Bog 1
  5. Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty)
  6. The Fall of Horsegirl 
  7. Electrolocation 2
  8. Option 8
  9. World of Pots and Pans
  10. The Guitar is Dead 3
  11. Homage to Birdnoculars 
  12. Billy

An interesting note about this album is that the physical album tracklist will differ slightly, with “Electrolocation 1” and “Bog Bog 2” as bonus tracks. 

Horsegirl consists of Gigi Reece on drums, while guitars and vocals are split between members Penelope Lowenstein and Nora Cheng. Songwriting is a group effort as they write songs as a trio, each able to freely express opinions and ideas. The three met through Chicago art programs for youths and have been a tight-knit group ever since. The band’s sound is heavily influenced by 80s and 90s indie and rock, especially bands like Sonic Youth. However, they keep it fresh by experimenting with their music as well as visuals. One of the most interesting and impressive facts about this band is that they started in high school, one a freshman and the other two sophomores. One member, Lowenstein, will be graduating the same day that they hold their album release concert in Chicago on June 5th. 

Overall, the three musician’s futures look bright and it will be interesting to see how far they will go. One obstacle Horsegirl faces now is college. Reece and Cheng are already enrolled in university and Lowenstein has plans to do the same. Will the band continue to make music during their college careers? It seems so, as 2 members have already completed their first year. There’s the possibility that the band will need to take a break for their education. As of right now, the band is touring and continues to make content, so there could potentially be more albums in the future. One can only hope the band continues to make their brilliant, nostalgic, yet modern, music.

To find where to pre-order and listen to Horsegirl’s music, you can visit their website or their Bandcamp.