Toro y Moi Gears up for a Busy 2022

Mahal: Tagalog word that can mean “love” or “expensive”.

Toro y Moi: a bilingual phrase, containing the Spanish “Toro y” (bull and) and the French “moi” (me), meaning “the bull and me”.

What do these two things have to do with each other? Well, the artist Toro y Moi recently released his album MAHAL, an embracement of his Filipino lineage, on April 29th. Along with the album, he’s been busy with a multitude of projects this year. Among those projects is a film to accompany the album entitled GOES BY SO FAST: A MAHAL FILM. The short film will feature Toro y Moi (AKA Chaz Bundick) with actor Eric André. It is set to premiere Saturday, May 21st at Bandcamp Oakland, CA. All proceeds from the film will be donated to Hip Hop for Change, a nonprofit. On the site, their objective is described as the following:

Hip Hop For Change breaks down barriers between youth and justice issues that affect their lives and communities using Hip hop as a vehicle. We educate, employ, and empower historically marginalized communities and inspire the next generation of leaders advocating for change through this work!

The trailer for GOES BY SO FAST was released on April 13th and at 30 seconds long, it isn’t easy to grasp exactly what the film entails. From what is shown, it seems that it’s centered around Chaz and Eric going road-tripping, with the former performing at some point.

Another project the musician has been working on is his upcoming tour, announced on May 18th. Chaz Bear (how Bundick is credited in the film) will be touring alongside Enumclaw, Noname, They Hate Change, Nosaj Thing, among other artists. Tickets will go on sale on Friday, May 20th for the U.S. leg. The closest concert to Oklahoma will be in Chicago, Illinois at the Pitchfork Music Festival on July 17th.

And if an album, film, and tour wasn’t enough, Toro y Moi also featured on a new FKJ song. The track, entitled “A Moment of Mystery”, was released on May 19th. The song is dreamy; embellished with synths, a mellow bassline, and a jazzy piano. Chaz’s vocals add a layer of haziness to the track that makes it feel complete. You can listen below:

With MAHAL, the upcoming film, and the tour, Chaz has had a busy year to say the least. All of this content being released makes one excited to see what else he will create in the future. To keep up to date with the artist, you can visit his website.