Beyond Beatopia: beabadoobee’s New Album, Tour, & More

Just three days after the release of her sophomore album, Beatopia, singer beabadoobee announced her US tour. The tour kicks off in Washington D.C. and concludes in Boston, with multiple stops in Texas in between. Bea has been updating and adding dates, we can’t wait to see where else she’ll play! Tickets for the Beatopia Tour go on sale Friday, July 22nd. For more info on dates and tickets, you can click here.

Beatrice Kristi Laus first found fame when rapper Powfu sampled her 2017 track “Coffee” for his song “deathbed (coffee for your head)” in 2019, becoming viral on TikTok. Of course, many people question the origins of beabadoobee’s tongue-twister name. In an interview with Variety, she had this to say: “Long story short, I obviously didn’t expect any of this to happen, so when it came time to put [her songs] online, my friend Oscar was like, ‘You have to choose a name,’ and I didn’t have one, so I told him to use my Finsta name, beabadoobee. Now it’s with me for the rest of my life.” For those who don’t know, a Finsta is a portmanteau for “fake Instagram”. It typically is used as a private, more personal account for the user’s close friends.

As for Beatopia, the title is inspired by a concept Bea Kristi created as a child, around the age of 7. Bea was born in the Philippines and moved to London at the age of 3. Because of this, Bea felt like an outsider in school and sought a means of escape. So, baby Bea created her perfect world, called Beatopia. Unfortunately, her teacher and classmates found out about her utopia and openly ridiculed her. Luckily, Bea rediscovered and embraced Beatopia later on and decided to share it with the world through music.

The album is an amalgamation of the singer’s musical inspirations, whether it be artists like Alanis Morrisette or movies like The Craft (1996). It’s easy to tell Bea draws inspiration from the 90s and early 00s, but she manages to keep it fresh by adding elements of newer styles like bedroom pop and lo-fi. The singer-songwriter also masters multiple styles, from punk to dream pop to folk to…you get the idea. This isn’t to say she did it all on her own, however. The Londoner received help on the album from fellow musicians like PinkPantheress (who found popularity in a similar way as beabadoobee), Matty Healy of The 1975, and Cavetown.

Beatopia tracklist:

1. Beatopia Cultsong
2. 10:36
3. Sunny day
4. See you Soon
5. Ripples
6. the perfect pair
7. broken cd
8. Talk
9. Lovesong
10. Pictures of Us
11. fairy song
12. Don’t get the deal
13. tinkerbell is overrated [ft. PinkPantheress]
14. You’re here that’s the thing

On top of the tour and album, the artist has been consistently releasing music videos via YouTube. Some of these videos include “10:36”, “Sunny day”, “See you Soon”, and so on. Her latest video for “the perfect pair” is shared below.