Tulsa’s Tell Lies Release New EP HAUNTED

Tell Lies have released the EP HAUNTED, their second release. The Tulsa melodic hardcore band has been building up steam since 2017, releasing lone songs and playing shows from basements, to VFWs, to sharing the stage with major touring bands. HAUNTED released digitally in late June, with a cassette release coming via Cult Love Sound Tapes.

With the newfound success of bands like Turnstile and Knocked Loose, many people are finding their way to hardcore music for the first time. The breakdowns, the weight of the riffs, the energy and the catharsis can all be draws to new listeners. People in Oklahoma’s active hardcore community have known this for a while, though. Tulsa and Oklahoma City have contributed heavily to hardcore and punk over the past decade and beyond. Bands like Piece of Mind, Give Way, Shame, and The Tooth continue to grow the scene started in the 80s by bands like Brother Inferior and Bunnies of Doom.

Since 2017, Tell Lies has been one of those bands helping to grow the scene in Tulsa. While many hardcore bands take part in the race to release more singles, demos, and EPs, Tell Lies have taken the slow burn approach to releasing music. Despite the small discography, Tell Lies and its members have helped push hardcore forward in the state.

HAUNTED blends heavy with atmospheric guitar tones, jumping between fast punk influenced sections and haunting half-time melodies. The technical drumming and grating vocals tie everything together into a sound that is both familiar and unique. Listen to HAUNTED below.

You can catch Tell Lies at Mass Movement Community Arts on August 3 with Excide Dull, and The Sanctuary in OKC on August 25 with Broken Vow and Take It To Heart.

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