A Night at The Momentary (Vol. 2)

The Momentary, nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Ozarks, once again opened its doors to host an unforgettable event. Jace and Cris’ first night at The Momentary can be viewed here.

RSU Radio was thrilled to be invited to FreshGrass | Bentonville, a sensational two-day, all-ages festival showcasing the finest bluegrass and roots music. As attendees flooded in, they were greeted with multiple outdoor stages, enchanting courtyards, and captivating galleries, all of which offered free exhibitions for everyone to enjoy.

The festival promised knockout performances and world premieres, and it certainly delivered. The lineup was a musical tapestry that included an array of talented artists spanning various genres. Among the highlights were Elle King. Her powerhouse vocals and infectious energy ignited the crowd, as did Alison Brown, a virtuoso banjo player whose mesmerizing melodies resonated with the audience.

We were welcomed inside by a beautiful cover of The Beatles‘ “Don’t Let Me Down”, performed by Virginia’s own Sierra Ferrell.

Miko Marks captivated hearts with her soulful country tunes, while Hawktail showcased their exceptional musicianship, leaving spectators in awe of their instrumental prowess. Arkansauce, a local favorite, delivered a lively and spirited performance, adding a touch of homegrown charm to the festival’s atmosphere.

The offerings didn’t stop there. FreshGrass | Bentonville also featured an innovative project called “We’re Back! – A Conceptual Country Music Experience“. Described as “earnest, absurd, and more”, this showcase pushes the boundaries of the country music genre, offering a fresh and thought-provoking perspective that delighted adventurous listeners.

One of the festival’s unique experiences was FreshScores: Live Music with Silent Film. Here, artists compose an original score to a silent film of their choosing, typically 10-15 minutes in length. All of the films and music are premiered live at the festival, a beautiful and unexpected musical moment as the artists interpret a completely different art form. This captivating combination brought together original live music performances and silent films, creating a multi-sensory journey that transported audiences to another realm of artistic expression.

FreshGrass | Bentonville not only showcased established artists but also nurtured emerging talent, exemplifying its commitment to fostering creativity. The festival’s dedication to being family-friendly was apparent as attendees of all ages indulged in a myriad of engaging activities. From savoring the delightful offerings of local food and drink vendors to exploring the diverse array of homegrown retail stalls and artist merchandise, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

The Momentary’s current art exhibitions by Firelei Báez, featuring her largest sculptural installation to date, and Yvette Mayorga‘s “What A Time to Be” certainly caught our eye.

Pictured above, through her distinctive pink and frosted style, Mayorga challenges the art historical canon and explores the concept of belonging. The exhibition features elaborate collage portraits resembling Rococo paintings, sculptures blending family symbols and memory, and a reimagined installation of her ’90s bedroom. With this first solo museum presentation, Mayorga introduces new and disruptive works that reflect the experiences and challenges of contemporary life.

Below, Firelei Báez’s installation invited visitors to explore passageways and engage with interconnectedness across time and space. The sculpture revisits the historical exchange between Europe, Africa, and the Americas, reclaiming the Caribbean’s role in Western world history.

As the last notes faded away, the melodies and memories created at The Momentary lingered in the hearts and minds of all who attended. Until next year, music lovers eagerly await the return of this remarkable celebration of bluegrass and roots music in the heart of the Ozarks.

FreshGrass | Bentonville was a resounding success, reaffirming the festival’s status as an unmissable event on your music festival calendar.