Local Music Roundup October 2023

October was the month of variety with new releases. From indie folk to bedroom pop, artists like Ramsey Thornton and The Ivy put out new music. Wilderado came out with a new collaborative single with Matt Beringer, and MORE&MORE with their fourth EP. 

Ramsey Thornton’s third EP 1/11/2023 was released the first week of this month. The collection of live sessions features soulful vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, and a healthy serving of drums to accompany. “Graceland” was a single preceding the EP and continues to be a standout song from the release. Listen to the EP here.

The Ivy’s newest single Street Dog is a bedroom pop jam that is signaling the end of their tour. Dreamy electric guitar echoes behind strong lyrics before coming into its own for multiple quick solos throughout the song. Check out The Ivy at Vanguard in downtown Tulsa December 8th.

In Between (feat. Matt Beringer) from Wilderado is the third version of the same single that has been released in the past couple months. This version is much slower and features incredible bass vocals from Beringer. The guitar is picked similarly in the other releases of the song, but matches the energy of the bass and brings a drawl to the song that pulls in a listener. This single was a personal favorite from the month of October.

MORE&MORE’s new EP Pressure is perfect for playing in the car with the windows down. The beats from each song are increasingly upbeat and feel made for dancing. The song “Outside” with Beachfriends was an exceptional indie pop tune.

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