The Beatles Are Getting A Cinematic Universe?!

“I read the news today, oh boy…!”

Apple Corps, the custodian of the Beatles’ musical legacy, along with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and the families of John Lennon and George Harrison, have authorized the full life stories and music rights for four scripted films. These films will be financed and distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment, with plans for release in 2027.

Oscar-winning British filmmaker Sam Mendes, renowned for his work on “Skyfall” and “1917,” has committed to directing not just one, but four biopics about the Beatles. Each film will offer a unique perspective, narrating the story of The Beatles from the viewpoint of each member. “I’m honored to be telling the story of the greatest rock band of all time, and excited to challenge the notion of what constitutes a trip to the movies,” Mendes said in a press release. Tom Rothman, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures’ Motion Picture Group, said in a note to Sony employees Tuesday, “Many companies were hoping for the chance to partner on this once-in-a-lifetime cinematic experience. I am honored that in Columbia Pictures’ 100th year […] we won the day and are the chosen home.” The announcement also teased that the films would be released in an “innovative and groundbreaking” manner, but did not offer details. [Go the “Clue” route, cowards!!]

“We intend this to be a uniquely thrilling, and epic cinematic experience: four films, told from four different perspectives which tell a single story about the most celebrated band of all time,” said producer Pippa Harris. “To have The Beatles’ and Apple Corps’ blessing to do this is an immense privilege.”

Two ongoing Beatles film projects, a documentary on Sir Paul McCartney titled “Man on the Run” and a biopic on The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein titled “Midas Man,” now face uncertain futures due to this announcement.

The Beatles in 1965.

The Beatles in 1965.

In light of this exciting development, my only request is for Mendes and his team to discover four unknown actors capable of portraying each member. I believe this is not only innovative and exciting in terms of filmmaking, but also in film marketing, injecting new life into the tired genre of the “biopic.”

In a social media post, Ringo Starr said, “Have you heard the news? Oh boy. We all support the Sam Mendes movie project. Yes, indeed. Peace and love.”


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