Review: Wallows Return to “Your Apartment”

Multi-platinum alt-rock trio, Wallows have made a bold return with their new single, “Your Apartment”, out everywhere today. Described as “sonically frenetic” and “lyrically introspective”, the track is the band’s first new release since their 2022 Sophomore album Tell Me That It’s Over.

Wallows debuted in 2017 with the indie classic “Pleaser” but truly solidified their presence with their debut album, Nothing Happens, which became a significant part of my high school experience. I had the opportunity to catch the group live at Cain’s Ballroom in 2019 during their tour for the debut album. While I thoroughly enjoyed their subsequent release, Remote, I found myself feeling somewhat disconnected from Tell Me That It’s Over. Strangely enough, I can’t pinpoint exactly why. The lead single, “I Don’t Want to Talk,” and the synth-driven “At The End of The Day,” were perfectly fine, but the rest of the album seemed to blend together into an uneven commercial pop record, lacking the distinctive personality found in their earlier projects.

There has also been a lot of drama in the two years since we last saw Wallows: the break-up of Dylan Minnette and Lydia Knight, as well as the disbandment of Lydia’s group, The Regrettes. This led many to incorrectly assume that Wallows would go on hiatus as well.

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Your Apartment,” whether Wallows like it or not, marks a return to form. Both in production and songwriting, the song wouldn’t feel out of place in the middle of Nothing Happens. It’s a darker, brooding track that stands in stark contrast to the last two projects. Wallows comment on the song, stating, “This is the first song from our new album that fully came together lyrically quite some time ago now, so it feels right that it gets heard first.” Lyrically, it struggles in a few places but ultimately finds its roots and heart. However, it lacks the longevity of the Nothing Happens classics. Nevertheless, it’s undoubtedly a step in the right direction for the group.

You can stream the new song and video here.

Final Review: ★★★.5/5