Local Music Roundup: 2024 So Far

2024 has brought albums from dreamy indie pop band The Ivy, female alternative rock artist Labrys, a two-track single from Wilderado, and a new release from Rattlesnake diner.

Wilderado – Sometimes/Tomorrow

The two track single Sometimes/Tomorrow demonstrates the musical versatility and depth of Wilderado. “Sometimes” has gentle acoustic strumming, tender vocals, and lyrics about vulnerability and reflection. The track has a slow build to a peak with tambourine, piano, and electric guitar. “Tomorrow” takes a different approach with groovy electric guitar riffs meeting you at the beginning of the song.

The Ivy – A Door Still Open

The Ivy has released their debut album, A Door Still Open, after 6 years of making music. The album seamlessly showcases the band’s career of dreamy, indie pop music. “Phase Out” includes an intro of ethereal, almost cosmic, synth beats that then phased out into a groovy electric guitar led pop track.

Labrys – 10:10

10:10 is a standout release in the realm of female-led alternative rock. The juxtaposition of gritty guitar paired with raw, emotional feminine vocals provided a captivating listen. “Silver Screen” stood out with lyrics of not knowing what the future holds and heavy distorted guitar, but is eased with the front-woman’s melodies.

Rattlesnake Diner – Losing Team

Rattlesnake Diner released their second single this year, “Losing Team,” after their self-titled, debut album last April. The single continues their shoegaze, grunge alternative sound with a slow intro that builds into powerful drums, harmonies, and multiple guitar solos.

Crimson Love – Crimson Love

Alternative rock band, Crimson Love, just released their debut, self-titled EP. The EP emulates the much loved sound of classic rock with a modern feel with heavy electric guitar and powerful vocals from RSU student, Hector Jimenez.

Blaine Bailey – Home

Blaine Bailey’s sophomore album Home continues to showcase the talent of the band. Comprised of only three band members, drums, bass, and electric guitar, the music is far from simple. Intricate guitar riffs and solos keep the blues and rock sound strong throughout the album.

coldbrew – Compilations, Vol. 1

coldbrew’s newest album is a half hour collection of lofi beats suited for a variety of listening scenarios. Many of the tracks provide the perfect background music for working or studying, such as the song “One More Sunrise” which has a killer saxophone solo.

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